You’re Invited BLS Ambulance and Specialty Care Transports In-Service Training

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At FirstMed Ambulance we believe that it benefits everyone involved if we partner with our customers’ facilities. Together, we can provide excellent patient care and do everything possible to expertly transport patients as well as reduce unnecessary readmissions. FirstMed Ambulance offers all its medical facility and hospital customers the opportunity to educate their personnel regarding BLS ambulance and Specialty Care Ambulance transports. As your transportation provider, FirstMed Ambulance will gladly offer a presentation covering the following list of topics:

  • When to appropriately call or not call for an ambulance
  • Patient safety guidelines that reduce the risk of patients or employees falling and/or other incurring other injuries.
  • Managing patients’ medications during transport
  • Coordinating the complete understanding discharge instructions
  • The measures FirstMed Ambulance personnel apply to ensure they recognize patients’ “red flag” symptoms as well as instruction for nursing home personnel to do the same.
  • SCT procedures and practices

FirstMed Ambulance also provides detailed reports about contract customers’ patients going in and out of medical facilities. As a result, our customers can comprehensively track and identify readmission trends and those factors impacting unnecessary re-admissions.