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Welcome to FIRSTMED Ambulance Services Inc.

FIRSTMED Ambulance Services Inc. provides high quality Basic Life Support, Critical Care Transport (CCT) and Respiratory Transport (RT) services throughout the greater Los Angeles area, including the transport of high risk neonates

Our units are equipped with state of the art EMS equipment and technology, including GPS unit tracking, Mobile Data Terminals, Power Stryker Gurneys, Zoll "M" series Cardiac Monitors, Multi-Channel IV Pumps, Transport Ventilators and a full compliment of advanced life support medications, including narcotic analgesics, to ensure that we are able to meet the medical needs of all of our patients regardless of the situation.

What are our services?
  • - Basic Life Support
  • - Critical Care Transport
  • - Respiratory Transport
  • - Neonatal Transport
  • - Wheelchair Transport
  • - Disaster Response Team
  • - Stand-By and Community Services
  • - CPR and First Aid Training
contact information

FIRSTMED Ambulance Services, Inc.

8630 Tamarack Ave
Sun Valley, CA 91352